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All About Bliss Gummies

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Where is Bliss Gummies from?

Bliss Edibles originates from the west coast of Canada; from the area around Vancouver, known by locals as The Lower Mainland. Bliss Edibles offers high quality cannabis edibles in the form of THC gummies. Bliss products are only available to Canadians over the legal age to purchase cannabis. Bliss Gummies products are available on many different mail order marijuana websites because of the high quality and reliability. Of course, this popular brand is available on Lucky Herbz!
Buy Bliss Products Online with Lucky Herbz. We pride ourselves in incredible prices, high quality and top notch customer service. If you have any questions about our service, please reach out to us over our LiveChat, or email us at Welcome home!

What kind of oil do these gummies?

Bliss Edibles uses THC Distillate to craft their edible products. THC Distillate is a molecular distilled oil which is almost pure THC, ranging anywhere from 94-97% THC.

Are Bliss products good for beginners?

Bliss products are great for beginners. Beginners can start with just 1 gummy, then wait an hour to test your tolerance.

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How do I make an order?

To make an order, simply add items to your cart. When you reach the checkout, you will have to put in your email address. This is how we will stay in touch with you and communicate about your order. We must have your email in order to send confirmation email, payment instructions etc.

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where does lucky ship to?

Lucky Herbz ships to all Canadians of the legal age to purchase marijuana who possess a valid Canadian postal code.

Lucky Herbz uses Canada Post 2-3 Day XpressPost. Each shipment comes with a valid tracking number that allows you to follow your order all the way to your door! Our payment process is a secure EMT (email money transfer) and we do not keep records of these transfers for your extra security. The package will arrive in a smell proof, nondescript Canada Post package, containing your stash! Buy in bulk to save big on all of our products.