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Buy weed online in Toronto with Lucky Herbz Online Dispensary! Lucky offers the best prices in all of Canada, and can provide our service to any Canadian adult with a valid postal code. Lucky operates out of British Columbia, Canada, a place which you probably already know is famous for growing weed. Sign up for an account and instantly receive $20 to use on your purchases. Each purchase from a customer gets 5% back.

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To make an order, simply add items to your cart. When you reach the checkout, you will have to put in your email address. This is how we will stay in touch with you and communicate about your order. We must have your email in order to send confirmation email, payment instructions etc.

If you would like to create an account, that's even better! This way, you can pre-save your shipping address and check your previous order history.

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For all of our customers, shipping is free if you spend over $200. However, if this is your first time ordering with Lucky Herbz, you can use the discount code: firstlucky to get free shipping on your first order. This coupon code is only valid for one use per customer.

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where does lucky ship to?

Lucky Herbz ships to all Canadians of the legal age to purchase marijuana who possess a valid Canadian postal code.

Lucky Herbz uses Canada Post 2-3 Day XpressPost. Each shipment comes with a valid tracking number that allows you to follow your order all the way to your door! Our payment process is a secure EMT (email money transfer) and we do not keep records of these transfers for your extra security. The package will arrive in a smell proof, nondescript Canada Post package, containing your stash! Buy in bulk to save big on all of our products.

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Toronto is one busy city

Living in Canada’s most populous city means living with overstimulation. That is to say, existing in a city as dense as Toronto can be thrilling but often overwhelming. Certainly the ranks of Highway 401 rush hour commuter car traffic and the pedestrian crowds around Yonge and Dundas are enough to raise anyone’s blood pressure. However, lucky for Torontonians, the slower west coast vibe of BC is just a click away. Because Lucky Herbz safe and speedy mail order marijuana service is here to provide all things BC bud to help inspire a calmer nervous system.

Get some Lucky Herbz to heighten your Toronto experience

Planning a day trip to the Distillery District? Fixing for a smooth cappuccino from Arvo or Balzac’s? Maybe catching a play at the Young Centre for Performing Arts? Or a low-maintenance lunch date at Cluny’s Bistro or El Catrin? Regardless of your purpose, make the trip extra special with some world-renowned BC cannabis from Lucky Herbz. Get toasty at the winter festival of lights with a pre-rolled joint filled with pure AAAA flower. Or stay discreet at the summer live jazz festival with a THC distillate vape pen or cartridge.

Making your way up 91m of elevation at Cathedral Bluffs Park at Scarborough Bluffs? Or up to a heady 356m to brave the EdgeWalk at the CN Tower? Whether you’re gaining elevation on rocks over twelve thousand years old or from much younger concrete and steel, take your old pal Mary Jane and get a little extra lift. Lucky Herbz has sativa strains to get your adrenaline going, and products balanced with CBD to keep you steady.

Love to cook?

Obviously you already know you’ll be hitting up the St. Lawrence Market on Front Street for the freshest ingredients. Grab some fresh ripe produce straight from Uncle Jorge’s Farm. Clement’s Poultry is your spot for protein, and Ali’s Fresh Baked has your desert covered. And of course, the best pairing to your gathering excursion is some thoughtfully curated BC flowers. Let Lucky Herbz mail order marijuana products help you get in tune with your senses to pick the finest products for your meals.

Get your nature fix in Toronto with Lucky Herbz

Cruising for a nature hit at the Toronto Botanical Gardens to hang out with the urban bees at the Pollinator Garden? Or taking your dog to get their zoomies out at … High Park? Regardless of your plans for the day, make every trip special with some goodies from Lucky Herbz mail order service. Because our staff work hard to test, curate, and package a menu that makes BC’s best cannabis accessible to all Canadians.

The best prices in all Canada

We’ve got unbeatable prices on quality mix-and-match bulk QPs. Our exquisite top shelf quad flower strains are truly the best and reasonably priced. Prefer to eat your greens? Then check out our selection of edibles for sweet treats with dosages ranging from 5mg to 2000mg. Are you a budget stoner? Or more of a chronnoseur? Both? Regardless, we’ve got you covered. With us, you’ll never have to choose between quality and cost. Lucky you, you’ve found Canada’s best mail order marijuana service.