Ounce Deals

When it comes to buying weed, the best way to get the most savings is to buy in bulk. It has always been this way, which is why we offer the best deals when you purchase an ounce. Get 30% or more off when you make the jump and buy 28 grams. Our cheapest offerings are our shake ounce deals, which offer high quality AAAA shake for $35 per ounce, or $55 for 2 ounces! Now this is an unheard of deal! Here at Lucky Herbz, we pride ourselves in not just offering cheap ounce deals, but cheap ounce deals that are actually worth smoking. Our mission here it to make mail order marijuana affordable for cannabis users.

Mix and Match Deals

Ok, so we have established the best way to save money buying weed is to buy by the ounce. The problem is, most online weed dispensaries make you buy a whole ounce of only one strain in order to get the ounce level discount. We don't believe in such tomfoolery. Here at Lucky, you can mix and match to create your custom ounce deal out of four (4) quarters! Any if you really want to save, take a look at our most popular offering: the 4 oz. Quarter Pound Mix and Match. Mix and Match 4 different ounce deals and get a further 10% off the lowest price. Now that is a deal!

How do I make an order?

To make an order, simply add items to your cart. When you reach the checkout, you will have to put in your email address. This is how we will stay in touch with you and communicate about your order. We must have your email in order to send confirmation email, payment instructions etc.

If you would like to create an account, that's even better! This way, you can pre-save your shipping address and check your previous order history.

Get free shipping

For all of our customers, shipping is free if you spend over $200.

sign up and get $20 Free

When you sign up for an account with Lucky Herbz, you can use the Rewards Program. Instantly upon sign up you will have $20 worth of Lucky Bucks to spend on your orders. You can splurge it all at once, or save it for future orders.

Every purchase you make, 5% of the total purchase will be added to your account to use on the next purchases.

Check out the Rewards Program for details about how to refer a friend and get rewarded.

where does lucky ship to?

Lucky Herbz ships to all Canadians of the legal age to purchase marijuana who possess a valid Canadian postal code.

Lucky Herbz uses Canada Post 2-3 Day XpressPost. Each shipment comes with a valid tracking number that allows you to follow your order all the way to your door! Our payment process is a secure EMT (email money transfer) and we do not keep records of these transfers for your extra security. The package will arrive in a smell proof, nondescript Canada Post package, containing your stash! Buy in bulk to save big on all of our products.